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© Global Alliance for Rabies Control (GARC)

Indonesia has 197 preventable rabies deaths each year, and spends a total of US$78,176,490 each year on rabies.*

*Hampson et al. (2015) PLoS NTD

FORCE campaign

Faces Of Rabies Control and Elimination (FORCE)

We aim to celebrate you – each FORCE – by creating a massive photo wall with pictures of you with your Dog Health Champion (DHC) certificate. We encourage you to include your dog or cat too (if you have one). Be creative, be excited, be serious – be yourself. You can even include a motivational message to encourage others to continue their rabies elimination efforts. Afterwards, encourage your friends to join – help us to grow our wall and break records!

Thank you for joining us - together we can make a real FORCE to eliminate rabies!

Go to the FORCE photo wall to see all of the other

Faces Of Rabies Control and Elimination (FORCE). 

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