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Indonesia has 197 preventable rabies deaths each year, and spends a total of US$78,176,490 each year on rabies.*

*Hampson et al. (2015) PLoS NTD


Power in numbers.

A major goal of the End Rabies Now campaign, including the Communities Against Rabies initiative, is to increase the number of national and local governments, community health organizations, and international partners working together to end human deaths due to dog rabies by 2030.

Partnerships are at the very heart of elimination efforts, particularly at a community level where rabies lingers. Rabies control can be achieved through a One Health approach that prioritizes interdisciplinary collaborations and expertise in human and animal health. This framework helps to create a shared responsibility toward safeguarding public health.

End Rabies Now campaign partners are lending their expertise and resources to the global fight against rabies and last mile elimination through the Communities Against Rabies initiative. By increasing the range of supporters committed to saving human and animal lives, we can build a unified and collaborative effort to eliminate rabies once and for all.