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Indonesia has 197 preventable rabies deaths each year, and spends a total of $78,176,490 each year on rabies*

*Hampson et al. (2015) PLoS NTD

Supporting Organisations

Join the global movement to End Rabies Now

The goal of eliminating rabies deaths by 2030 needs the support of human and animal health and welfare organisations, whether large or small, to show governments and policy makers that the elimination of rabies must be made a priority. 

Your organisation can make a difference and help the millions of people and animals who are still vulnerable to rabies.  Joining the End Rabies Now campaign as a Supporting Organisation will provide an opportunity to add your organisation to the global movement to end rabies and share your rabies elimination efforts with the world. 

Join the End Rabies Now campaign

Rabies is a serious global human and animal health problem that can and should be consigned to the history books. Our organisation supports the End Rabies Now campaign to eliminate rabies deaths by 2030.

Supporting Organisations
  • Act Asia
  • Algeria SPA - BCHE
  • Animal Ark Veterinary Hospital
  • Animal Experience International
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